Alina Minkova (Theta Tau-Bentley) has big dreams that require dedication and drive. She wants to become a Certified Public Accountant and has worked hard to graduate in four years with the 150 semester units required to sit for the CPA exam. And, she is well on her way! Last summer her hard work landed her a prestigious internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the big four accounting firms in world.

“Usually, individuals who plan on becoming licensed with the CPA right after undergrad have to take a fifth year,” she says. “But I came into college with some AP credits from high school, took classes during summer and winter breaks, and took an extra class for several semesters.” Alina is also very involved on campus and in her local community.

“At one point this year, I was working five separate jobs…”

Alina Minkova

“I am an active member of Bentley’s Honors Program and Women’s Leadership Program and a general member of several other organizations on campus. I have participated in Service Learning every semester, served in several leadership positions, serviced over five different programs that focus on various needs within our community and helped co-create and run a program that I am still with today.”

In addition to her classes and campus involvement, Alina also works to pay for her tuition. “At one point this year, I was working five separate jobs simultaneously on top of my extracurriculars and coursework,” she says.

In recognition of her achievements and hard work, Alina was awarded a Kappa Delta Foundation merit scholarship.

“I need the scholarship funding to relieve the stress of tuition and give me more financial freedom for classroom necessities, like books. This scholarship has relieved much of my financial stress, and I will be able to work less as a result.”

She continues, “I am far less nervous about affording this upcoming semester and am very excited to have a fulfilling and academically successful senior year. Thank you so much for making this scholarship possible!”