Ava Taylor, Sigma Phi-Georgia, is a sophomore whose goal is to become a speech language pathologist. “I want to be able to help others overcome their challenges and find confidence in their speech and abilities,” she says. To achieve her goal, she also plans to attend graduate school.

With parents who are still repaying their own college debt and have jobs that have been impacted by the pandemic, Ava is responsible for paying for her tuition, rent, food, KD dues and other living expenses on her own. “I have worked hard since I was 16. I’ve worked multiple jobs,” she says. “I have saved as much money as I could, but this is a challenging thing to face on your own. I am getting by with a combination of student loans, financial aid, working while in school, and scholarships.”

The recipient of one of the foundation’s financial need scholarships, Ava says, “This scholarship is a huge help in paying for my tuition and will significantly alleviate some of my stress. I am so grateful that this scholarship will provide me with more confidence and comfort going back to school and being able to continue my education and pursue my goals.”

“Knowing my financial situation, I was not sure if going through recruitment would be a good idea, or if I could afford it. Looking back, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Kappa Delta has provided me lifelong friendships, confidence I had never had before, and so many new opportunities. Whenever times get tough, academically, emotionally, or financially, the women around me in Kappa Delta make it all worth it.”