A chat with Training and Development Manager Teresa Theiling, who updated and revamped KDs member education program.

KDF: Can you tell us about Choose Your Confidence?

Teresa: Kappa Delta uses the word “confidence” a lot, but we don’t just talk the talk – we put our words into action. Kappa Delta is continuing to evaluate and align our educational opportunities and experience to our values: to build confidence in our members and inspire them to action. By integrating confidence into all aspects of membership, I hope all members can truly say we are women who build others up and invest in their future, confident selves. To do just that, we’ve adapted our member programming to continue promoting confidence and to share its importance with our members.

Choose Your Confidence is a collection of workshops and activities that will be accessible to all chapters and will continue to foster a sense of confidence in our members and inspire them to choose confidence every day. Each chapter will choose two workshops per term to complete. There are fifteen workshops in total, so each term they can participate in a different one!

KDF: What life skills are they learning?

Teresa: With Choose Your Confidence, there are workshops to help members develop in the areas of action, safety, leadership, sisterhood and service. They will learn how to engage in crucial and critical conversations, identify harmful behaviors and create accountability, develop strong communication skills, enhance their professional skills and engage in service to their communities.

KDF: What do you hope Choose Your Confidence will change?

Teresa: Our collegiate sisters want to feel that what they’re spending their time and money on is valuable. My hope is Choose Your Confidence will prove a valuable, relevant sorority experience for our members.