Danielle Hitchcock, Epsilon Epsilon-Appalachian State, aspires to be a pediatrician. She is a self-supporting student balancing cell and molecular biology coursework, two jobs and medical school applications. She also recently served her chapter as vice-president standards.

When asked why she chooses to prioritize her KD membership, she says, “Kappa Delta has changed my college experience in all the best ways possible. This organization has granted me the greatest role models, leadership opportunities, the greatest friends, the most valuable memories of college, and now the gift of a scholarship.”

The recipient of one of the foundation’s need-based scholarships, Danielle says, “My path is not financially easy. I am cognizant of the cost of the path I have chosen, but I know I belong in healthcare and protecting our future generations.” “I cannot reiterate how incredibly grateful I am for this scholarship and how lucky I am to have received one,” she continues. “I am able to invest more time into my studies, my extracurriculars, my relationships and into Kappa Delta. I am forever grateful that I can have a more responsible and stress-free financial future.”