Our collegiate sisters are facing unprecedented times because of the pandemic. Emily Doyle (Iota-Centre) is one of many KD collegians who aren’t having a typical college experience.

“My parents own a transportation business, and when the industry was shut down from the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, my family lost all income for over a year,” she shared. “I was responsible for finding ways to pay for my tuition. I worked a full-time job over the summer, and I knew I would need to rely on scholarships.”

Emily was determined to find a way to pay for her tuition. She learned about KD Foundation scholarships and knew she had to apply.

“I was responsible for finding ways to pay for my tuition.”

College-aged woman with blonde hair.
Emily Doyle

Emily was in luck! She was awarded a scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation for the current academic year.

“This scholarship has relieved a huge financial burden for me and my family,” Emily said. “It has ensured I could still attend college, without sacrificing what was truly important to me: remaining active in Kappa Delta.”

KD Foundation scholarships are made possible by alumnae like you who choose to support KD women like Emily. As Emily said, “Thank you so very much for your donation and making this scholarship possible!”