Libby Hill, Alpha Alpha-Michigan State, credits Kappa Delta for helping her gain confidence in herself and her leadership abilities. “I never truly felt like a role model until I served on council when I was newly initiated,” she says. This confidence encouraged Libby to step outside her comfort zone and run for chapter president. She also serves as a campus tour guide, is a peer educator on sexual assault and relationship violence and works in her local emergency room as a medical scribe.

In recognition of her leadership, Libby earned a Corre Anding Stegall Collegiate Leadership Award, which includes a scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation. “Coming from a single parent home and being a first-generation college student comes with numerous challenges, including financial burdens,” she says. “This scholarship allows me to focus on my goals and future aspirations, rather than how I will afford school. After all the hardships of the past year, this award served as the pick me up I needed to persevere.”