Huda Nutt joined the Kappa Delta Foundation staff in May 2022. We sat down with Huda to learn more about her, her thoughts after being on the team for the last two months, and what she’s loved about the experience so far.

Kappa Delta Foundation: What can you tell us about you?

Huda Nutt: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Memphis and attended the University of Memphis, where I graduated with a bachelor’s in biology. I worked in the medical field for six years post grad, then decided to pivot my career path, which is how I ended up at KDF! I now live within the city of Memphis with my wonderful husband and 70lb dog. In my spare time, you can find me hanging out with my incredible church family, listening to music, at a local coffee shop, cooking a meal from scratch, designing my home, or watering my plants.

KDF: What drew you to the Programs Coordinator role?

HN: I became a Pi Beta Phi at the University of Memphis my sophomore year and it positively transformed my collegiate experience. The thought of working for a sorority excited me and the skill set that was required for the role are things I excel at. During my interview process, I met with very inviting, kind, confident women, and I knew that was the work environment I wanted to be in.

KDF: What has surprised you most about joining the foundation team and taking on this role?

HN: How the KDF team manages to stay well connected, despite half of the team being remote employees. It is evident that the team truly cares for one another, apart from being coworkers.

KDF: What has been your favorite part about awarding all the 2022-2023 scholarships, internships, and grants?

HN: Receiving thank you letters and videos from recipients has been so heart-warming. I have enjoyed reading and hearing stories of how donations greatly impact the lives of women. They are seriously so grateful and honored to be awarded. It’s also such a joy to know these women’s hopes and dreams!

KDF: Now that awards have been given for next school year, what are you most looking forward to until this time next year?

HN: I came in right at the tail end of this fiscal year and as awards were being sent out, so I am excited to be here from start to finish this time around! I’ve been entrusted with such a worthy position, and I hope to refine the process to make things run smoother and more efficiently for everyone involved. I hope in doing so, it would build even more confidence in collegians to apply and honor the donors. Scholarships may have been awarded, but there is still plenty to do!